Finding Free money with Quickquid

Money is the blood for fulfilling our living needs and even is required to arrange the coffin. Everybody runs after Quickquid. Some earn it the right way others make it through unfair means. Whatever the source may be, money is always a requirement. It is always an amusing amazement to find some money out of the blue. In the lines to come, we have gathered a few ways through which you can get free money.


Finding Free money with Quickquid

1- Company match

Even in this era of recession there are a lot of companies that offer matching. This means that a fixed percentage of whatever your output is included in your pay. So if you are generating less output; it is your fault. Do have a look at your company’s plans to find out if there are still some matching opportunities available.

2- Rebates not availed

There are a lot of products which you buy and they are offering rebates along with it. It is very rare that all the consumers avail that offer of rebate. Remember to preserve the payment proofs and receipts, so that you can send them along with the request forms for issuance of rebates.

3- Your Own missing money

Here you don’t find any money; in fact you can search for any unclaimed property that the law is turning over to the states. Search out for the sources on the internet to find out such opportunities. In this way you may find your own goods from those assets.

4- Join a rewards program

There are a lot of rewards programs offered by the vendors which give incentives to loyal customers. This can be a membership card. For example if you buy a certain item from the same shop or company over and over again they give you free items. There could be certain gas stations from where if you buy a certain amount of gas they give you certain number of points. On accumulation of such points to a certain level you get a lot of free gas.

5- Not using savings account

There are many people who leave large amounts of money in “current accounts”. Although there is a common understanding for this but still many people tend to leave money in current accounts without having regular transactions. There are many types of savings accounts that offer a handsome saving rate. Therefore if you are sure about a certain amount of money that won’t be needed in near future dump that in a savings account.

6- Take charitable contributions

You can get your charitable contributions. The money you have given in taxes includes charitable contributions which may have accrued to a bigger amount owing to interest rate. So it is beneficial to take your part of the charity without interest.

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